Managed Payroll Services

There’s more to managing payroll services in Reno, Nevada than just paying employees for their time and effort. When not administered properly, payroll tasks – from processing to management – can take time away from your business. Why not let our team of payroll specialists manage the entire process for you? This complicated and cumbersome process can be taken off your plate with our managed payroll services, which are implemented by experts and supported by solid technology. We will work with you in the following areas:

  • Maintain employee and employer payroll data, including deductions, tax jurisdictions and filing status, and direct deposit
  • Process payroll data according to your pay calendar
  • Monitor benefit contributions and changes: 401(k), flexible spending accounts, health benefits
  • Offer a personalized payroll call center that provides answers to your employees
  • Solutions At Work utilizes the cutting-edge Kronos technology through One Point – Human Capital Management. The fully integrated, Internet-based technology is comprehensive with managed payroll services, a human resource information system, and a time-keeping solution. This scalable technology provides solutions to businesses with several hundred employees. We can assure you that this dynamic technology solution will exceed your expectations and more than meet your needs. Outside of processing payroll, we know that the technology will also support your staff and managers in the areas of scheduling, controlling overtime, tracking pertinent HR information on employees, tracking PTO, and much more.

    We work closely with our managed payroll services clients to create a streamlined process where we receive an employee’s time for the pay period (could be a collection of timesheets, electronic timekeeping methods, etc.), process the payroll, and then send a report for final approval before any funds are moved. It’s really as simple as telling us who to pay and how much and then leaving the rest of the payroll administration process to us.

    Talk with our team of payroll experts to design a solution that will meet the unique needs of your organization.