ASO Services

Similar to the Managed Payroll Solution, our ASO services, also known as the Administrative Services Outsourcing model, takes it to the next level by incorporating HR and benefits administration. Aside from providing extensive HR support whenever needed, we will also work with you, your management team, and your employees to effectively administer the following:

    • Payroll Responsibilities – Includes full-service payroll processing and any payroll-related functions. With our ASO services, you can take non-strategic payroll tasks off your plate and focus on growing your business instead.
    • HR Management – Need help formulating or revising a company policy? Are you developing a human resources management program? Or do you need an extra pair of hands to take on more of the administrative tasks? Whatever it is, Solutions at Work has got you covered.
    • Benefits Administration – Benefits administration can be extremely time-consuming, so why not let Solutions at Work take on and manage benefits administration, so you can concentrate on the things that contribute to the bottom line?

Another important thing to add: Our clients frequently look to us to provide both research and analysis to help them make tough decisions about hiring, firing, disciplinary issues, and responses to EEOC and EDD claims or charges. Reassurance or peace of mind when making tough HR decisions can prove to be invaluable.

Need more information? Contact Solutions At Work today to discuss your ASO services options.