Workplace Investigations Nevada

Address workplace issues in a thorough and timely manner with Solutions At Work

Employee complaints warrant a detailed investigation and fast resolution in order to avoid re-occurrence or legal consequences. When an employee raises a workplace concern, don’t wait to take action. Ignoring problems in the workplace may escalate to future challenges or even litigation.

Address employee concerns and reduce the risk of legal consequences by acting immediately on potential problems or concerns in the workplace. Thorough workplace investigations allow companies to investigate employee complaints, uncover the truth, and achieve a timely resolution that meets the satisfaction of all parties.

Solutions At Work conducts impartial third party workplace investigations for businesses in Nevada. We have extensive experience investigating workplace issues related to sexual harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation, safety and more.

Our comprehensive approach to workplace investigations involves:

    • A thorough understanding of your company’s culture, history and policies
    • Working closely with your legal advisor
    • Face-to-face or virtual interviews with all involved parties
    • A detailed written report of findings
    • Comprehensive follow up with necessary parties
    • An objective, yet impartial third party that clearly defines the investigation
    • Ongoing HR support, if desired

Solutions At Work’s fast, thorough, and hands-on approach to workplace investigations allows companies to cost-effectively investigate and resolve workplace issues. We also partner with law firms seeking to outsource workplace investigators to a trusted, impartial, third party.

When an employee raises a concern, a timely response is critical. Pursue a clear path to resolution with a workplace investigation from Solutions At Work. Contact us today to learn more about our workplace investigation services and how they can help you.